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Welcom to join FCBA!

We extend our warmest welcome to you and urge you to join the Flushing Chinese Business Association. Our goal is to serve our community, and to carry out activities of culture, art, welfare, education and as well as business, INC. consultation. If you have any suggestions and ideas that you wish to share with us, please feel free to let us know. All the board of members is willing to listen and will try their best to work with you to the best of your interest.

From time to time we schedule business seminars conducted by our membership and experts in different professional fields for the purpose of providing you with basic business knowledge and information, sharing with you their own experience, and disseminating information from government agencies as well as other business organizations.

We also try to forge a good working relationship with other community organizations and to promote harmony among various ethnic groups so that all of us can work together for a safer, cleaner, more prosperous and better society for all.

Members are the heart and soul of our Association. Besides respecting and cherishing each other, our members strive to communicate with and be helpful to each other. All the members must work together in order to achieve our common goal. If you are willing to join us, we will most certainly feel very much honored. We are extending our arms to welcome you with our at most sincerity.

The community belongs to all of us and unity is our strength. We sincerely hope that you, as a successful and important member of the business community, will be able to participate in our important joint endeavor so that together can let people in the community know what we are trying to accomplish for the community.

贊助會員:華裔居民具服務熱忱 (但不具選舉、被選舉、投票權)
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